Gel wrist pads for use with Model 01?

I love my Model 01, except… despite the ergonomic chair (which is properly set up) and my best efforts, I can either float my hands over the keyboard (putting more tension in my shoulders) or I can rest my wrists on the wood surface (causing pain and fatigue there). So I’m wondering if anyone has tried adding some gel wrist rests to the keyboard. I’m trying to find suitably-sized ones but of the few that are even small enough to go where they need to, they’re all either getting bad reviews (e.g. leaking) or are covered in fabric (i.e. they will get dirty and gross pretty fast).

Has anyone experimented with wrist rests and found anything suitable?

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Please have a look at the following topic that appears to be related.

Ah, nice, I had searched “wrist rest” but didn’t think to try “palm rest”. Thanks!

They’ve gotten stupidly expensive, but your question made me think to try my old “HandStands Deluxe Laptop Travel Wrist Rests”, and yes, they fit on my They have cloth over the memory foam, but I toss them on gentle cycle/no harsh detergents in the wash, then air dry them and they’ve held up fine for four years. Each has dimensions of 4.75"w x 3"d x 3/4" high and they have a grippy bottom so there’s no shifting around. Thanks to the slanted edges, I can (just barely) fit them entirely on the palm rest with no overhang. It’s not sexy, but it works.

Also, have you thought about buying a neoprene wrist rest and trimming it? You can also carefully machine wash those.

Thanks! I had actually moved my discussion to the linked thread, wherein I posted my homemade solution which is still working fine for me. But those HandStands look pretty good too.