Hardware differences between the Model01 and OLKB boards

The main difference is that Planck, Preonic, Atomic, and the rest of the boards from OLKB are based on the Teensy, which is a small USB development board built around the Atmega32u4 processor. The Model01 is built around the same Atmega32u4 processor, but in a slightly different way. To put it another way, they have the same brains, but slightly different bodies.

The Teensy is USB Mini-B, the Model01 is USB-C, and there are other subtle differences in how the body was built around it. The pin layout is slightly different, and that kind of stuff. The Teensy also ships with a proprietary boot loader, while the Model01 uses an open source one.

This is about how far I got last time I tried to look up the differences. Gave up because when I got to pin layouts, I decided that electronics is not my thing and walked away. :stuck_out_tongue: