Help finding open source device expert for low- and middle-income country use case?

Hi, I am struggling to find open source device manufacturers to solve a critical medical use case.

Do you have anyone in your network (factory/manufacturer/designer/circuits/microelectronics expert) who could help me answer the below question?

For example, after finishing my PhD I work at an academic medical center, and through this work with an NGO doing open source telehealth delivery in rural India (

The biggest pain point for the community health workers is manual data entry - they currently write heart rate, blood pressure, height, weight, etc on paper and then enter it into an Android app built on We cannot afford to use proprietary solutions, and I need a cost estimate to pitch this to a philanthropic org like the Gates foundation. The long-run goal is to solve delivery of health and intervention with open source AI and machine learning. Please DM me if you need specifics.

Thanks so much! And thank you for an excellent product, the has helped immensely with my chronic pain over the years.

Drop me a note at with some more details?