[SOLD] [London, UK] FREE Keyboardio for someone who actively contributes to open source (pickup only)

UPDATE: I found this keyboard a home! :slight_smile:

Item: Keyboardio model one, (I think it was the second batch?), quiet click.
Price: 0.00
Condition: Perfect condition, used twice, installed some custom firmware so you might want to install the default firmware again.
Location: London, UK (shoreditch).

Hi! :wave: I donโ€™t need the money so I want to donate this to someone who does good things in open source. If you know of someone please point them this way.

My email is listed over at https://github.com/ds300 โ€“ send me a link to your open source contributions and prove that itโ€™s you and I might give you a free keyboardio!

Iโ€™m only in the country until feb 6th, so speed is of the essence!