Help With Modifier for Shift

Hey everyone, I’m running into a single issue with the new atreus, that I suspect someone here may be able to answer.

Effectively, I’ve set up the Atreus so that if I press z it sends a z, but if I hold it and press another button, it sends the shift-letter.

My issue is that it will often send z+letter instead of Letter (so ‘zf’ instead of ‘F’)

I imagine it’s somehow related to timing, but I can’t adjust that in Chrysalis. z

Does anyone else have experience with this, and have tips for how to avoid it for me? I would greatly prefer to not lower my typing speed to accommodate it.

The plugin responsible for that is called Qukeys, and the way it determines which key value to use is by detecting the order in which the two keys are released. The best way to address the problem you’re having is to hold Z longer; don’t release that key until after you release the next one (F in your example).

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