Shiftless Punctuation and Numbers

I have the Keyboardio Atreus and I’d like to be able hold down the puncuation and number keys in order to get their shifted characters. It’d be great to be able to configure how long that hold needs to be as well. I had that on an Ergodox-ez and can’t seem to figure out how to do it on the Chrysalis configurator.

I don’t know if it can be done the way you ask, but I have a simple way to get the shifted number keys by only holding down the shift key. Just change your FUN key from shift to 1 to LockTo 1.

Now when you press fun, you will be locked on L1 and you can type numbers without holding anything down. Hold shift and you will get the shifted characters.

You can get to L2 just by pressing Super. Press it twice to get from One back to Level Zero.

I use Dvorak and made some more alterations.

Here’s my Level 0.


I now have so many keys that don’t do what the keycap says; I’m thinking about getting the blank caps …


Blank keycaps are really great :slight_smile:

But, like for Model01, Linear-A will be even better :mantelpiece_clock:

You can get shifted keys by holding past a timeout with Qukeys, but the necessary configuration can’t be done via Chrysalis.

For this particular use-case a dedicated plugin would be a better solution, though. It wouldn’t be very difficult to write, but it would have a big downside: it would make it impossible to get repeating unshifted characters for any of the affected keycodes.

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Doesn’t sound like a downside to me. I don’t often hold down a key to get repeating characters. I’ll look into that QuKeys thing. Glad I don’t have to try and install alternative firmware.

I thought the same, but there are many keys that you hold to repeat (space and backspace for example) and there are keys that are typed too fast making it act as a modifier instead of two different key-presses, so choose those QuKeys wisely.