Minimum hold time for layer switching

I’ve got my atreus set up with the layer shift on what would on a QWERTY be the D and F, F for layer 2 and D for layer 3. Layer 2’s right hand is numeric, and layer 3 has arrow keys.

Say I want to press an up-arrow: that’s D+I. However, when I try to press an up-arrow, I often find that I end up with the letters “di” typed instead of the motion that I want. I think this is because I’m not leaving the layer shift key held for long enough, and I’d like to try reducing that threshold so I can figure out if it’s my typing or not, but I can’t see where to configure it.

Is it available in Chrysalis, or do I need to go firmware-diving?

It is currently not available in Chrysalis, so firmware-diving it is in the shorter term. There are plans to make it configurable via Chrysalis too, and that will likely happen in the near future, but probably not fast enough to be worth waiting for it.

Fab, thanks for that. Github here I come…

Not likely. The problem is almost certainly that you’re rolling over from one key to the next, releasing D before releasing I. Qukeys (the relevant plugin) determines which value to use for the D key in your setup based primarily on the order in which the keys are released, not on how long the key is held. Fundamentally, you need to communicate your intent clearly in order for it to understand what you mean. There are ways to adjust it, but the best way is to be deliberate about how you give it input. And a word of warning: if you adjust the settings to make it easier to produce modifiers instead of letters, you’re likely to to get modifiers that you didn’t intend, which is far more likely to be disastrous than the typos you get when the opposite occurs.