How to complete a sale?

Both buyer and seller need some confidence when arranging a private sale online. If you’re one of the people who’ve bought or sold a keyboard here, how have you gone about it?

As the seller you don’t want to post off your keyboard without receiving any money. As the buyer you don’t want to send money to someone only to receive no keyboard. Is the usual solution to pay a deposit on order and the sum on receipt? Anyone had a particularly good experience?

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Use Paypal to send and receive funds. They require a verifiable bank account or credit card to create an account and therefore can confirm payments and facilitate refunds if needed.


Also, make sure you do the paypal sale as “goods and services”. You’ll have to have a fee assessed (up to the buyer and seller as to who needs to cover that), but it protects both the buyer and seller. For the buyer, you can file a claim if it doesn’t arrive and get your money back, and for the seller, paypal takes your complaints more seriously (there’s no recourse, generally, for the “gift” or “friends and family” option, if things don’t go well).


I paid via PayPal before I left the house and (since I lived locally to the seller) biked over to pick up. Good experience but it all depends on the individuals. Would generally suggest using “goods and services” option in PayPal. With another transaction on a completely different website, I was able to get $80 full refunded because the product was defective. So PayPal is legit.