Warranty and Return Policy

Has anyone tried buying the keyboard outside of the Kickstarter?

I don’t see anything about a return policy or warranty so I’m worried that if it breaks or if I don’t like it, I’ll be stuck.

Paid for mine in May, got it Tuesday. All the literature I’ve seen doesn’t say anything about the oft talked about warranty only applying to Kickstarter backers. I’m sure Jesse can chime in on this.

The 1 year warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship, but is not a money-back guarantee. At this point, we can repair or replace a keyboard you’ve purchased, but can’t offer a refund. That said, keyboards offered up for resale here do seem to sell pretty quickly at pretty close to full price.

If I had to hazard a guess, they’ll still sell well, but the resale price will probably go down now that they’re available for immediate shipping new. :slight_smile:

Does the warranty get transferred to the person buying the used keyboard?