To anyone in Basildon, UK (close to London): someone is selling a keyboardio for 130 pounds

I tried buying it from them, but they didn’t want to sell it through PayPal because they said they got scammed on it before, and that sounded kinda fishy, so I decided to not go for it.

And while I would love to get someone here to ship it to me, that would be asking a lot, so I won’t bother. So, I’m just telling those close to London (Basildon to be more exact) that if you were looking for a Keyboarded, you’re in luck, you can contact them and try your luck.


PS. If you were the lucky one to get it, do mention it so i can change this post to SOLD so no one has to have their hopes smashed like i have a few times, lol.

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Yeah, better be safe than sorry, maybe you dodged a bullet there. But wanted to say that there are indeed scammers who scam people who sell with paypal. Either with hacked paypal accounts or hacked packing stations. But apparently a triangle scam also exists - often in combination with hacked packing stations but there are other methods from what I’ve read (here is a picture of how it works):

In the end the thief get’s the article for free and you stand there with no money and you’re article is also gone. As a buyer one has to only stay away from friends & family to be relativly save but as a seller it’s more work. Due to that a few of my friends don’t sell with paypal anymore.

On the other hand scammers can use it as an excuse to claim they got scammed as sellers. :thinking:

I guessed something like this was possible, it was why i didn’t really think the person was lying, benefit of the doubt and all that. I just didn’t want to risk it was all.