[SOLD]: London Model 01-Q

Item: 01-Q
Price: £230
Condtion: used
Location: London

A bit more about the item, including a few pictures:
It’s keyboard io, what pictures do you need? Condition is same as new.
It is the quiet key model. PM me.

hello, i will be in london on sunday 12th and would like to make the purchase

Hi. Is this still available? Interested… In Surrey but can get to London any day.

Oh my goodness. I am so sorry for those that reached out to me earlier.
I didn’t get a response and so I didn’t really check the forum often - only to find that all the “notifications” have gone to my spam folder!

Again, apologies for those that tried to contact me - I’ll go through my spam and try to respond in order.
*Dusan, if you are in London anytime soon, I’d be happy to arrange a meetup. Otherwise, I can try to sort out a delivery if you’re still interested.

@chriseebee - if Dusan passes on the offer, then I’d be happy to arrange a meetup - I work out of Canary Wharf so that’s ideal, but if that is difficult, we can try elsewhere. Email me direct at kkwak at outlook - I’ll try to check my spam folder more often.

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Very true, real dorkish of me!

Where about are you and how can we finish off the trade, if you’re still interested?


Hi @londoncoder

Thanks for getting back in touch. Unfortunately, I’ve bought an Ergodox kit in the last couple of days so although would love to, I can’t justify two fancy keyboards…

Best of luck selling it.



Ah no worries - def my fault for not checking update here. :slight_smile: Hope you enjoy it.

Hello @londoncoder,

Don’t know exactly how many people you have on this list but I’d be interested as well for this keyboard!
Let me know if it is still available.

(I’d be interested as well to have a picture if possible :wink: )

I am in France but I have family in London so I guess I can arrange a pick up.


That’d work. I’ve not heard from those ahead of you…
Okay, I’ll post some pictures, but it’s pretty much new. :smiley:
It’s in storage, so give me a couple of hours.

Pick up in London would be great - I can do canary wharf on weekdays and central london on weekends.

Thanks, that would be awesome!

You can see the original box. The long ethernet cable, the screwdriver, and the two parts of the keyboard.

You can see the short ethernet cable, the plastic placard, the two connecting strips, the two adjustable feet.

Nothing is missing.

Thank you for the pictures!

That sounds great to me.

Is there somewhere I can write you as PM for checking how we could organise?

I provided details via PM.

Hey! Would you ship to Lisbon, Portugal? If your other offers fall through of course!

@lobre and I have setup a trade on the 16th… Will let you know if the deal falls through. Don’t mind shipping to portugal.

any update so far on the purchase?

Loric purchased this now. I’ll update the state. Apologies.

Gads - I have no idea how to change this title to [SOLD]… but it is sold. Thanks everyone.