[SOLD]: Model 01 Quiet Click, York, UK

I’ve decided to stick with my Ergodox so I have a barely used Model-01 for sale in York UK. Includes all original parts and in excellent condition but doesn’t include original box. £200 + shipping at cost.

Hi @ArthurClune ,

I saw your ad for your Model-01. Sorry to read it does not fit you better than your Ergodox.

For my part, I have been hoping to lay my hands on a (barely used, excellent condition) second hand Model-01, new being out of budget.

On reading your ad, may I ask whether yours is still available?

I am looking forward to your reply!

Best regards from the Netherlands,

Boudewijn Kranendonk

PS: I thought I would be sending you an email. I have not found out yet whether you’ll receive a copy of this as an email, and leave it as is for now. I added @ to your name because I just followed the tutorial and found out that should send a personal message. Sorry for the spam if my initial message already was sent as an email.

Hi Boudewijn

It is. If you drop me an email at I’ll take a load of pictures and send them to you and then we can discuss further. It won’t be until Monday unfortunately as the keyboard is at work.

There’s also a set of blank keycaps which I’m happy to include in the sale and send on to you whenever I actually get them! I’m still waiting on those from the Kickstarter.


Hi Arthur,

Thanks for responding! I’ll contact you by mail.