Import costs to Finland

I received my Model 01 about two weeks ago, and the customs duty bill today. There is no customs duty, only the tax of 24%. I don’t however understand how they turned the declared value of 100 USD to 127.72 EUR, and what the stated sum of 114.83 EUR comes from, on which there is a 0% tax. 100 USD should be less than 100 EUR. Anyway, 24% of 127.72 is 30.65 EUR:


In addition to the tax I let FedEx take care of the paperwork, for which I paid 15.50 EUR. You can avoid this if do the import paperwork yourself.

So in total I paid 30.65 EUR + 15.50 EUR = 46.15 EUR.

Is this because it came from a “company”? Could an individual send it to you as a gift? Does that null and void import duties/taxes/fees?

I know I’ve sent stuff (actual gifts) to friends in Europe (specifically Austria and maybe Spain) and they did not have to pay customs/fees.

I don’t mind the tax and I expected it, and paid less than I expected, due to the declared value of 100 USD. I just don’t understand how they converted 100 USD to 127 EUR, but I could probably easily find out by visiting the Finnish customs web page. With current general exchange rates 100 USD would be about 87 EUR.

There is always at least a tax of 24% when you import somehting if the tax exceeds some value (10 EUR, or whatever the sum is nowadays). There is no tax or other duties on gifts.

Shipping costs and such, maybe? German customs e.g. counts that, I think.

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Yes, you are right, they put a tax on the shipping cost as well. That would explain it. However, the included invoice just mentions the total invoice value of 100 USD, and 0 USD freight. I don’t understand where they would have got the shipping value. Also, in import duties (which was 0% for the keyboard) shipping value is not included, and for that the customs has noted the value 114.83 EUR, so according to that they have used a shipping cost of 127.72 - 114.83 = 12.89 EUR in their calculations.