Shipping to Germany is too expensive


I am very happy with my keyboardio now for about two years. Shipment to Germany was expensive and taxes as well. But it was worth it, since the keyboard is so good and there was a significant price difference between item ordered and tax plus shipping.

I would love to order the following items, but here the cost summary shows that I would have to pay the same amount of money for the shipping as for the two products and the tax is not even included.

  • Model 01 Travel case
  • Blank Black Keycaps for the Model 01

Cost summary:

  • Subtotal: $ 85.00
  • Shipping: $ 74.90
  • Tax assumed: $ 16.15


So the obvious idea would be to try do a group order.

The keyboards come via Hongkong. The Accesories via the USA. So I would propose to do a group order for accesories. Is anyone interested in ordering from together?

Hello Momo,

I just took a look at their shop if their is something I’d want to order, but the travel case doesn’t appeal to me. The thought of lugging it around and having to set it up everyday sounds like a hassle, I’l just keep mine at the office and look for a cheaper ergo keyboard for at home.

I did notice the following however, on the product page of the travel case.

Due to limitations in Shopify’s shipping rate calculations, adding the travel case to an order containing a keyboard or keycaps will result in extremely high shipping costs. We strongly recommend you place a separate order for this travel case, rather than ordering it at the same time as your keyboard.