Improved flat connector to reduce flex

From time to time, I like to put my Keyboardio flat on my lap. I find this to be very comfortable with the wooden enclosure acting as sort of a wrist-rest. I do notice a lot of movement and flexing between the halves. Maybe this isn’t necessarily bad, but I worry that it is putting strain on the plastic rails. This also happens when the keyboard is picked up or moved from one side.

Has anyone explored options for creating a more secure way to connect the two keyboard halves, possibly using the tripod mounting screws? I’d rather not make the keyboard any taller by adding anything thick to the bottom, but it seems like someone could prototype a simple metal plate that attached with low-profile screws. Has anyone else done something like this?

I am definitely thinking about building something like this but with the goal of being able to type at a much steeper angle than the octostand support. Can you give some details about what angle you like to type at?

Honestly, I like to keep the keyboard flat. This has the added benefit to me of being easier to transport. Wouldn’t an angled connector be more difficult to put together?