Angled cable suggestion

(lasse) #1

Can you suggest a replacement for the supplied cable.
I am looking for something with a 90 degree angle, so the keyboard takes up less space on the desk.
After reading the blog I don’t dare to just order any old cable from ebay :smiley:

I am in europe, so looking for a reseller with free shipping to europe. Most of the china guys on ebay offers that. But open to other options too.

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(Toon Claes) #2

Do you want it with USB-A on the other end, or USB-C on both ends?

(Toon Claes) #3

You could consider an angled connector to use in combination with your existing cable?

I think an order of total EUR 30 would give you free shipping on

(lasse) #4

I am looking for something like this:

The question is - how do I tell which ones are good (but maybe still cheap) and which ones are garbage (even though they might expensive)?

(Jesse) #5

For use with the keyboard, anything should ‘work’ electrically. The thing you’d need to worry about is whether the connector fits where our Type C goes.

(lasse) #6

I ordered a couple of random ones. When they arrive, I’ll post a link to the one I like the best (if any). But free shipping from china requires patience!

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(flussence) #7

There’s a lot of USB-C cables out there, not all of them good or even safe. Here’s a whole pile of reviews on them, done by one of Google’s Chromebook developers - it was doing the rounds in news a few months back. IIRC he’s had some of his personal stuff fried in the process!

(lasse) #8

I bought this one:

It looks and works really nice. The angles and color matches my macbook really well.
And it is dirt cheap, so what is not to like?