What to look out for if buying braided cables?

I don’t even have my keyboard yet, but I’m thinking of buying a 6ft braided USB a→c cable and a 3ft braided RJ45 cable, matching. I’ve done some preliminary searching on Amazon, but I’m not totally certain how careful I have to be about stuff on there. I have seen some bad reviews.

The Keyboardio blog posts make it pretty clear you have to make sure that your USB cable is actually up to spec. I figure that’s probably easier now that type c has been out longer. Is the power delivery bottleneck all in the type c port, or can a high quality cable allow brighter LED output?

What’s a good place to get matching USB & RJ45 cables? a right-angle type c end would be pretty sweet, as well.

Barring finding good stuff, I might just braid them myself, but I’d rather find professionally braided cable.

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Realistically, the Model 01 will probably work ok with an out-of-spec cable. But we didn’t want to ship a ‘bad’ USB C cable, as they can actually be dangerous when used with other devices.

The only thing you -really- need to watch out for is the size of the USB C cable’s molded plastic. If it’s too big, it won’t fit into our housing.

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In my opinion, buying from a non-Amazon seller on the Amazon website is riskier than buying on eBay. :frowning:

I actually deleted my Amazon account due to the trouble I was having with non-Amazon sellers; I’ve switched to Powell’s for books, while Newegg fills the hardware niche for me.

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I tried NewEgg. They don’t have anything in the right length that’s braided.

I’ll probably just go with Amazon. I figure I probably don’t have to be nearly as careful about a 3ft RJ45 connecting two low-throughput microcontrollers.

As for the usb cable, I might just have to keep a close eye on it if I ever try to use it on something besides the keyboard. My Model 01 will actually be my first USB type c device.

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I replaced the standard RJ45 cable for a (shorter) braided cable. I had to twist the cable a bit as the connectors where aligned improperly. I wasn’t able to find a braided RJ45 cable with the connectors placed in such a way that I would not have to twist/rotate the cable.

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@rapware, where did you find that cable? I’m not finding any that short.

I bought a 25 cm cable from Reichelt (this one https://www.reichelt.de/rj45-patchkabel-cat-6-pimf-schwarz-0-25m-pyt-8063py-003s-p179552.html) and a 50 cm cable from Amazon (this one https://www.amazon.de/dp/B01NCA4PSE/ref=TE_SCE_dp_1). Amazon also has a 25 cm version of this cable.

I’m currently using the 50 cm cable. The 25 cm cable was just a bit too short.

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