Caveat emptor: Wirecutter-recommended J5Create USB-C doesn't fit

I bought the Wirecutter-recommended J5Create USB-C cable for my MacBook and was disappointed to learn today that it doesn’t fit snugly into the Model 01 port due to having a large, um, whatever you call the plastic part.

Fortunately I can just swap it with my power cable, but just wanted to warn other folks.

Thanks for the heads up. Is it possible you simply got a bad cable?

The weird cable situation (or at least, what I perceive to be a weird cable situation) has me leery of USB-C in general. I’m happy the Model 01 uses it, because I’ll likely be getting a new Macbook in a year or two, but I hope that things aren’t quite as confusing by then.

I can try again later but it sure seems like the plastic just doesn’t fit into the recessed port on the Model 01.

I can believe that. Our port size is a little narrow for some cables third-party. If I could do it over, I’d make that area a bunch bigger.