Magnetic USB-C adapter and cable



I’m thinking about lowering the wear and tear on the USB C port since I bring the M01 to work.

Something like this:

I suspect it will not fit, or that it’ll be impossible to remove.

Has anyone tried something like this? Magnetic or normal adapters?

(kinda inspired by this r/mk post)


Great idea! I already had a magnetic cable on my desk, so I popped a spare USB C tip into my M01:

It’s a much looser fit in the M01 than in a cell phone. I was able to remove it without issue (it pries out with a little plastic tool it came with). It’s not so loose that the tip pops out with the cable, though.

The specific tip came with this cable: Smart&Cool 5 Feet Magnetic USB-C/Type-C Fast Charging. Despite what the item description says about compatibility I am using it with a Smart&Cool Gen4 cable without issue.

I think I’ll stick with this. With the magnetic cable there’s no way to accidentally bust the M01’s USB port by setting something on top of it.


Nice, that’s perfect! I just ordered the PZOZ cable, since it looked very similar to your cable. I’ll post results once I receive it. I wonder if it comes with a removal tool too. If it doesn’t work, I’ll get the Smart&Cool cables.

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I’m using a Wsken Mini 2, very pleased with it.