Magnetic USB-C adapter and cable

I’m thinking about lowering the wear and tear on the USB C port since I bring the M01 to work.

Something like this:

I suspect it will not fit, or that it’ll be impossible to remove.

Has anyone tried something like this? Magnetic or normal adapters?

(kinda inspired by this r/mk post)

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Great idea! I already had a magnetic cable on my desk, so I popped a spare USB C tip into my M01:

It’s a much looser fit in the M01 than in a cell phone. I was able to remove it without issue (it pries out with a little plastic tool it came with). It’s not so loose that the tip pops out with the cable, though.

The specific tip came with this cable: Smart&Cool 5 Feet Magnetic USB-C/Type-C Fast Charging. Despite what the item description says about compatibility I am using it with a Smart&Cool Gen4 cable without issue.

I think I’ll stick with this. With the magnetic cable there’s no way to accidentally bust the M01’s USB port by setting something on top of it.


Nice, that’s perfect! I just ordered the PZOZ cable, since it looked very similar to your cable. I’ll post results once I receive it. I wonder if it comes with a removal tool too. If it doesn’t work, I’ll get the Smart&Cool cables.

I’m using a Wsken Mini 2, very pleased with it.

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I have been using the PZOZ cable for a bit over a month now. No problems so far. I am however a bit suspicious and skeptical about the quality and safety of such cables. I will keep going and report back if there is any issues.

Is there anything that is leading you to that feeling in particular? I’m about to order one of them because I plug / unplug every day at work.

I just bought a Wsken Mini too, and been enjoying it so far. The cable looks nice, the magnet is strong, all’s well. My only issue so far is that perhaps the magnet is a bit too strong, and when I disconnect it from the keyboard, if I don’t pay attention, it sometimes pulls the tip out too. This is easily avoidable if I don’t jack the cable out, but “break” the magnetic part off.

Just ordered a 20 pin variant that looks solid, decreases the protrusion from the front of the Model 01 and is separate from the cable itself:

I ordered the Smart & Cool magnetic cable. It’s been working fantastically. The magnet is weak enough that it won’t ever pull the tip piece out, but strong enough that it stays put once connected. It’s made all of the difference in the world for usability for me, and I don’t have to worry about reaching the insert/remove cycle limits.

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This didn’t pan out. The way the USB-C port is inset into the keyboard prevents the adapter from reaching it. At least it did work out great with my Pixel Slate so I didn’t need to return it.

You might try the one I posted. It’s working perfectly with my M01.

PZOZ cable still going strong after 3 months now.

I actually tried another cable from Ugreen and it DID NOT fit, so stay away from that one. Make sure the plug is “straight”.

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I bought the PZOZ too and the quality seems good to me. Actually I wonder how I am going to remove the tip if I need to in the future :sweat_smile:

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Chiming in to confirm that the smart cool cable works, approved! They come in three packs so i’ve got a backpack one, a home desk one, and a spare.

I have a SOJITEK that has been working very well for a year. And in addition to being able to connect to Android devices, it can also be connected to Type-C and Apple Lighting magnetic connectors. There is no difficulty in disassembly. Recommend this magnetic charging charger.

Just as a note, I’ve seen multiple reports of devices being ruined by magnetic cables causing short circuits or other power issues. (I’ve only seen one dead Model 01 due to what I believe to be a poor quality magnetic cable.)

I love the idea of these cables, but we don’t recommend them.


That’s interesting @jesse, thanks.

I always ensure the magnet is secured before connecting to a computer. When I disconnect I always unplug from the computer first.

Everything is still fine after over a year travelling back and forth to work with the keyboard.

I’ve never had any problems with charging a phone (except for dust collecting in the charging port), so maybe my wear and tear worries are unwarranted. Collection of dust is unlikely. In that case, the only benefit is the convenience.

I’ve been using the Smart&Cool one daily for over a year now. No issues so far. YMMV, of course. I guess I’ll assume the risk of a short on it – I’ve got a backup M01. :slight_smile: