Replacing the interconnecting cable


(John T. Johnson) #1

The longer interconnecting cable supplied seems to have it’s own strong will, and doesn’t like to lie down and play nice. This is more of an issue at school where my desk is more shallow, and smaller. The short flat cable is fine, of course, and looks like InstallerParts cables I’ve used for Ethernet.

I wonder, would it be possible/advisable/not-void-warranty-able to use a 1.5 foot InstallerParts cable to interconnect the two halves?

(Gergely Nagy) #2

Any standard RJ45 ethernet cable should work, the one you linked appears to fit that bill. Using a custom interconnect cable does not void your warranty under normal circumstances.

(John T. Johnson) #3

Cool. I just checked the longer interconnect cable supplied with the keyboard, and it is straight through.
There are a few varieties of standard Ethernet cables, so I thought it better to ask.


(Andrew McCauley) #4

Yeah, I had trouble with how rigid the smaller one was, and the larger one was too large, so got a similar length more flexible one and haven’t looked back!


Just bought a new crimper/plugs and made this today!

I have some flat a black cat6 on order and I plan on making a larger version of the mini cable we got in the box.

The one feature of the little cable I had not noticed until today is the plugs reverse sides which makes it easier to connect.

(John T. Johnson) #6

The plugs have to switch sides so that pin 1<=>pin 1.

(John T. Johnson) #7

Much better!

(Dan B) #8

I got a 50cm cable that I keep looped for my normal spread and can stretch out if I need more distance. It’s a little stiff, flat, braided cover. I couldn’t find one in black but that’s really not a bother for me.