Double-left hand keyboard?

Just out of silly curiosity, what happens if someone with two Model01’s connects two left-half keyboards together with an RJ45 cable? With just one of them plugged in via USB? With both plugged in?

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Likewise, what happens when both halves, instead of being plugged into each other, are instead plugged into an old 10Base-T router?
(Note: not switch, as that would be guaranteed to not work; we’re looking for something that blindly rebroadcasts input to all other connections.)

And if that works, what happens when multiple halves are plugged into the same router?



I’ll make this easy: Don’t do that.

Among other things, the hardware is not designed to be plugged into an ethernet hub or router.

It’s also not designed to be plugged into itself.


I’ll make this easy: Don’t do that.

someone’s guaranteed to do it now! :smiley:

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Indeed. And it will be something along the lines of: “Hey this connector looks like it will fit in this other thing. What happens when I link them together… Whoops!”

That is, unfortunately, the danger of using a commodity connector.

At some point, I ought to test these scenarios again, up to and including seeing what happens if you plug in a Power Over Ethernet cable.

Nobody else should try this. Seriously.


I’m feeling a bit guilty for posting this in the first place. I certainly hope nobody tries it.

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Nah. It’s much better to talk about it in public.

And it’s a legit question. And a legit issue with designing with commodity connectors.