Noob error replacing a switch

I had a switch fail and, somewhat optimistically, decided I’d try to desolder it to fit a new one. I’ve done very little soldering, and it didn’t go well; I think I’ve pulled the through hole for what I guess might be the diode pad?

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How do I repair this?

Sending an e-mail to could be the fastest way to have a expert answer from @jesse : he has the knowledge of the “solder a wire between here and there” power :wink:

Yeah, good suggestion. Thanks.

Props to you for trying! I myself only found the courage a couple weeks ago. It was super tough to suction out the solder with the crappy suction tool that came in my cheap kit. I started getting frustrated and even considered jabbing/scraping out the remaining connection to just get it done. Thankfully, I had a better idea: a little WD-40 made a decent suction tool out of a bad tool, and then I was able to resolder and re-suction nearly without effort. Just wanna leave this here in case it helps anyone!


So, I sent an email to help, but sadly haven’t had a reply. I’ve sent my board off to a friendly chap who’s offered to repair it, but he’s been unable to find any info about the PCB; is that in fact not Open Hardware? I get the impression from this good Samaritan that he’ll be able to add the necessary bridges anyway, but some documentation would certainly help :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

@jesse now my Model 01 is out of action, and I’m making do with an old TECK, I await info about the Model 100 with 'bated breath!