Model 100 Pad popped out

Hi seemed like one of my pads at left half was not solid enough glued - it popped out at hot swapping. is there a chance to get a circuit diagram so I can workaround? (it’s left half the Q-button in default layout)

Found this comment: Noob error replacing a switch - #6 by jesse that solved my Problem

This made me curious. That comment and thread are about the m01. How did it solve your problem?

jesse wrote there

the pin on the left should be bridged to the equivalent pins on the switches to the left and right of it and the pin on the right should be connected to the column’s test point with a 1N148 diode.

it is similar to my problem only mirrored. I could measure the other keys with a voltage meter and it was simple to find out how the missing key should be. Rest was soldering :slight_smile:

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