Suggestions for fixing a blown diode connection

Hi there,

Several months back the ‘M’ key stopped working on my Model 01. I tried cleaning the switch, then tried a new switch, still didn’t work. Then I noticed that there was a little scorch mark on the left side of a little diode above the key, and I realized that the connection was not completing there (see attached keypress), tried in vain to re-solder the attachment. I gave up, and cried uncle!

At any rate, I miss my keyboard, and figure…there has to be a way to reattach this diode…

Using a couple wires to bridge the gap on the diode and simulating a keypress I can recreate keypresses - I’m thinking I just need to find a way to re-solder it…but…I’m finding it extremely difficult to get my fat fingers in there and reconnect the diode.

Are there more accessible places where I could resolder another zener diode maybe?

Any suggestions appreciated!

Google Photos

PS - key position is ‘SW-R-R3C11’.

Yup. You’ll wanna run a through-hole 1N4148 diode between the right-hand (when viewed from the back) pin of that switch to the test point for Col 11:


Thanks so so much, that worked! Reassembled and ready for work tomorrow :rainbow: