Noob error replacing a switch

I had a switch fail and, somewhat optimistically, decided I’d try to desolder it to fit a new one. I’ve done very little soldering, and it didn’t go well; I think I’ve pulled the through hole for what I guess might be the diode pad?

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How do I repair this?

Sending an e-mail to could be the fastest way to have a expert answer from @jesse : he has the knowledge of the “solder a wire between here and there” power :wink:

Yeah, good suggestion. Thanks.

Props to you for trying! I myself only found the courage a couple weeks ago. It was super tough to suction out the solder with the crappy suction tool that came in my cheap kit. I started getting frustrated and even considered jabbing/scraping out the remaining connection to just get it done. Thankfully, I had a better idea: a little WD-40 made a decent suction tool out of a bad tool, and then I was able to resolder and re-suction nearly without effort. Just wanna leave this here in case it helps anyone!


So, I sent an email to help, but sadly haven’t had a reply. I’ve sent my board off to a friendly chap who’s offered to repair it, but he’s been unable to find any info about the PCB; is that in fact not Open Hardware? I get the impression from this good Samaritan that he’ll be able to add the necessary bridges anyway, but some documentation would certainly help :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

@jesse now my Model 01 is out of action, and I’m making do with an old TECK, I await info about the Model 100 with 'bated breath!

I’m so so sorry for dropping the ball on this.

We’ve not published PCB layouts publicly, but I’m happy to share docs. This one is fairly straightforward: the pin on the left should be bridged to the equivalent pins on the switches to the left and right of it and the pin on the right should be connected to the column’s test point with a 1N148 diode.

I too, am very much looking forward to the upcoming Model 100 Kickstarter campaign. My favorite new feature is the hot swap keyswitch sockets for MX mount switches.

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No worries Jessie. A kind soul on Reddit fixed my Model 01 for me, so all’s good! Still looking forward to the Model 100 though! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: