Incorrect keystrokes in macOS

I’m having some difficulties getting started with the Model 100 on macOS Monterey (12.6).

What I’ve done:

  1. Change key caps to Colemak
  2. Install Chrysalis
  3. Update firmware through Chrysalis
  4. Change layout in Chrysalis editor

Now, the layout in Chrysalis is the same as what I see on the key caps.

Problem is, when I type, other letters are being printed.

For example, when I press what should be “N”, it shows “M”. And when I press “E”, it shows “F”.

Not all the letters are incorrect, but I’m very confused as to which ones are, and why :person_shrugging:

It seems it’s caused by the fact that I had set Colemak as input source in keyboard settings (for my other keyboard).

The problem is resolved by using “Globe” key on my laptop’s keyboard to switch input source from Colemak to U.S. International.

I have filed a feature request for Chrysalis to use Colemak layout as default, so that this workaround would no longer be necessary.

Looks like it has been accepted, and will likely be resolved in a future version of Chrysalis.