Instead of tilda/quote key prints §/± mac os US keyboard layout


Please advice how I can fix or workaround this.


What glyph do you get when you type shift + 3? If it’s £, that’s the UK layout, not US.

It is #.

Layout is definetly US (not international).

When you click the + to add an input source, do you see two entries for U.S.?

Also, do you have any files in ~/Library/Keyboard Layouts/?

Or in /Library/Keyboard Layouts/?

There are two US’s - regular and PC (international).

Both Layouts directories are empty.

I’m afraid I’m out of ideas, then. This should be affecting any keyboard connected to your mac, so it’s a good question for Apple tech support.

One thing you could try is creating a new user account on that machine, and see what you get there.

Thanks, will try new user and will contact Apple if any.

A little experimentation with Karabiner-Elements, and I’ve determined that the key that produces the section sign (§) is non_us_backslash. So, you can probably use Karabiner-Elements to work around the problem, but maybe there’s something else you can try. In System Preferences -> Keyboard, try the Change Keyboard Type… button, then enter Z, /, and select ANSI. Maybe the keyboard type got set wrong. I’m dubious that would have changed the keymap displayed in Input Sources, but maybe…

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The issue is that mac os cannot identify the keyboard. maybe this causes the issue?

Changing to ANSI helped.
Thanks a lot!

Is there a way to have keyboardio auto identifiable on mac?

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Alas, no.

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Out of curiosity, do the layouts in Input Sources now have the correct symbols?

yes, there were displayed correctly.

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