Weird issues with Ubuntu and keymaps

Hi all,

probably something strange I am doing, but I am having issues getting my keymap setup the way I would like it.

Question no.1: How is the character displayed when shift is pressed decided? Obviously I am missing something, but I just can’t see it.

Question no. 2: how do people normally set their keyboards up under Ubuntu? i am getting some remappings that I have not done, like shift 2 is already " (I’m in the UK) and having distinct issues with pipe and backslash. I have everything set on system default, but of course there isn’t a keyboardio layout to choose…


Hi, @Photon!

The behaviour of the shift key (and the control, alt and super/windows keys) are all configured in the OS. If you want them to behave differently using the Model01 you have to use one of @algernon’s plugins to simulate the sequence of keys shift-down + keypress + shift-up that the OS expects.

This is because the language that a keyboard uses to talk to a computer does not talk in terms of the characters printed on the keys, but in terms of the physical position of the key, e.g. “the key three from the left on the second row”. The mapping of “key three, row two” to “W” is entirely done by the keyboard driver in the OS itself, although one can program a keyboard like the model01 to send different codes in the expectation that the OS will interpret them appropriately. It still requires the OS and the keyboard to be both configured in a mutually compatible way. There is no way to bypass the OS keyboard driver entirely.

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