Key Puller Recommendations

Disclaimer: I do not get any kickbacks from amazon, wasd, or crj electronics.

thumb keys = ctrl, bksp, shift, alt, cmd, space
standard keys = `, q, w, e, r, t, 2, 3, 4, 5, pg up, etc.
irregular keys = x, led, esc, any, butterfly, 0, etc.

wasd puller cost = $6.99
crj electronics cost = $8.99

both are just shy of 6.5 inches (about 6 and 3/8)

The wasd wires are just a tad thicker making it very challenging to pull thumb keys. Pulling “standard” keys were fine, pulling “irregular” keys were also challenging.

The crj electronics puller has thinner wires, making it easier to pull the thumb keys. Pulling the “standard” keys were easy, pulling “irregular” keys was challenging.

Overall, I actually like the crj electornics more than the wasd puller. By challenging, I don’t mean difficult or impossible, I mean it takes a little more finessing to get the puller under key caps. fn keys are pulled without the use of a puller, just don’t use soapy fingers.




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I couldn’t find the CRJ for sale in Canada so ordered a different one, and will report back with my findings.

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I have had good success with a Kailh keycap puller.

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This is the one I got. It’s the first time I’ve used one so I’m probably doing something wrong, but I have to sort of pull the wires apart before getting it between the keys, which I find a little awkward. Maybe that’s normal.

It was a little tricky to pull the thumb keys, especially the ones closest to the bottom edge of the keyboard, but the few other keys I’ve tried were pretty easy.

And it came with a blowy thing and a brush too, which is nice.


Its like you killed the boss level and got a bonus.

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I like my key puller, which has two ends to pull keys caps.
The blue side can also be used to set/place key caps.

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