Repeated keypresses after switching keycaps

I got the clear keycaps recently and had ordered a WASD keycap puller based on the recommendation of one of the threads here. Still I was a bit afraid to do something wrong so got my local computer technician to replace my keycaps for me using the puller*.

I did test all the keys for working correctly afterwards and didn’t run into any problems so far except for that:

Now I find that my / key (right hand, bottom row, second column from right) registers repeated key presses now and then. It’s rare, and I tried / + backspace about twenty times just now without any problems but it does occur now and then.

Anything I should do/check?

Any advice is appreciated!

(* He was like “how can you type when there are no letters on these” and I was like “well I type three different scripts all the time and never look at the keyboard for that” – two of them Tamil and Devanagari don’t have the symbols etched anyway and the Latin QWERTY symbols don’t correspond to my Workman layout… I am wondering when it will be possible to order custom-etched keycaps for the M01…)

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