Keyboard Maintenance

(Bruce Byfield) #1

I’ve had my Mode 01 for half a year now, using it at least 8 hours most days. Recently, I’ve been plagued by sticky keys and common keys that strike twice unless I strike them exactly right. Much more, and the keyboard may become unusable.

Any maintenance hints that might help?

(Chris Kemper) #2

Ive had the same issue with all mechanical keyboards in my home - I think dog dander gets in. For my custom bamboo Bluetooth T. E. C. K. Every 9-12 MO this I remove the PCB from the enclosure and soak it in 90% rubbing alcohol… Upside down and agitate/press all keys a few times. Let it soak for an hour, agitate it a fain, let it dry overnight and reassemble.
For my office keyboardio M01 a weekly gentle blast of air seems to be enough.
Email Jesse first… But I would pull the caps and use a syringe to apply a few drops of rubbing alcohol to each switch first.

(Imre Kószó) #3

Completely off-topic but I really have to ask if you have a photo of that?

(Chris Kemper) #4

T.E.C.K. Keyboard conversion to BT/Wireless and custom case

(Imre Kószó) #5

That’s very nice indeed!

To be on topic a bit too I can also recommend applying a few drops of rubbing alcohol onto misbehaving keys, works for me whenever one of them becomes chatty.

(Bruce Byfield) #6

I removed the keycaps on the problem keys, and used an air blow to clean out the space. Problem solved, I’m happy to say.