Model 01 with stuck/repeating key

One of my keys (space) has started getting really flakey. Not working, sticking on, etc.

I read that with early models this can happen, and there is a cleaning procedure (eg w/ alcohol). My question: should always clean it that way regardless of which run you have, or just the early runs? How would I tell if my unit was an early run?

I am having the exact same issue: early run keyboard and a space key that suddenly started being flaky (most of the time not triggering at all, or repeating) a few days ago. Interested if anyone has a solution.

The alcohol cleaning procedure is good for all Model 01’s. If a couple rounds of that doesn’t solve it, email for hardware assistance.

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Just had the same thing - stuck space/enter key on RH thumb row, was permanently on until next keypress, then again whenever you hit the key again (function-mod’d or not). Reached out to help but the solution seems to be a new key switch. I’ve just ordered 45 (speed/cost of shipping from US was prohibitive). Now to learn how to solder…

Cleaning with alcohol every so often nearly always a good idea for all switch keyboards, there’s always some gunk that will get in there over time.

The alcohol procedure is the best action and can be done by anyone regardless of skill level. It may require a few iterations over some time to resolve the issue long term.

I had an early run which had this on many keys. I perform a much more invasive fix which involves taking the switch apart and very delicately cleaning the gold contacts with alcohol and a thin lint free cloth. There is a non-trivial possibility of losing the spring and bending/breaking the copper switch contacts (I did bend one which eventually broke on me over time). I do not recommend this procedure unless you have experience with small scale dexterity activities (i.e. model making) and have a stash of switches for practice outside of your fine keyboard.

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