Keyboard Num lock not working solved by turning off mouse keys

Good morning,

This must seem pretty simple to everyone in this community. But for quite a while my keyboard numlock was not working. It was really annoying because I do alot of typing each day. Each time I turned on the numlock it would open be like I right clicked on my mouse.

With assistance, I was able to find out, my ‘Mouse Keys’ were turned on my Keyboardio Model 1. I turned them off in Windows settings - Turn Mouse Keys On or OFF

The function turns off your numbers and turns on mouse controls, when you are using your num lock.

Happy typing everyone,

Hello, and welcome to the faboulous world of programable keyboards :keyboard:
The Model01 changes the colors of the numbers keys when the numlock is active, but for the Atreus you can move your keys where ever you want, and use a move to layer to lock the numbers.

Do you compile your own Kaleidoscope sketch, or do you use Chrysalis?