Keyboard stops inputting after mac restart?

Anyone else having this issue? When I restart my imac it does not recognize the keyboardio is plugged in and will not allow typing input from it. So I have to swap back to my apple keyboard until I unlock the computer.

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I’m reasonably sure that the root cause here is that when you boot up the iMac, it expects the keyboard to be in “boot protocol” mode, a very simple way the keyboard can report the pressed keys to the host. Once logged in, it sets the keyboard to the much more advanced “report protocol”, which allows N-key rollover, and so on.

The firmware the keyboards shipped with (or at least some of them) did not correctly support this scenario. Newer firmwares should, so if you’re up for it, you can grab the latest factory firmware, compile it, flash it, and that should help resolving this problem.

If you need help with that, or just want a pre-compiled file you can flash onto the keyboard, that can be arranged too.

Yeah not sure how to compile and flash the firmware for the keyboard, since this is my first time having to do so. Are their docs on how to do this, or any resources you could provide would be immensely helpful.

There’s this Wiki page to get started with:

If that’s too intimidating, or you get stuck, feel free to ask, and we’ll help. The gist of it is roughly this:

  • Install the Arduino IDE
  • Install the Keyboardio libraries
  • Compile the factory firmware
  • Flash it

While it sounds easy, it is sadly not straightforward all the time, but the wiki pages are - as far as I can tell - detailed enough to let you do all that.