Keyboards for Home v Work

(Adrià Casajús) #21

I went for the iris as a portable one. Small and slightly similar to the m01 with way less keys.

(Donald Curtis) #22

I did design the keyboard myself using OpenSCAD. I then lazer cut the layers and hand wired it using a teensy and some I/o expander board. The software was the hardest because I used a teensy 3 instead of the teensy 2. The 3 requires using the teensiduino which has terrible I/o expander support. Right before I got the m01 I was able to port the keyboard to the qnk firmware but it took me a week of headaches and debugging. Because all other keyboards tend to either use two teensy 3s or a teensy 2 and the I/o extension and the real-time os has some limited support for the teensy 3 processor.

(Donald Curtis) #23

The iris looks perfect. However I think I would want sometime more m01 like.

(Adrià Casajús) #24

Just as a curiosity (I’ve got no experience with developing for microcontrollers) what is the io expander? Do 32u4 need them to make a keyboard?

(Tyler Smith) #25

Wow, that looks great! I like that there are fewer thumb keys than the Atreus, but they’re in a more accessible arrangement. I’m still struggling to make efficient use of the Model 01 thumb keys - I may end up ‘deprogramming’ one to cut down on mis-presses.

You don’t find the split keyboard a hassle when you’re traveling? It’s really convenient to have the one-piece Atreus, I can use it on my lap quite easily. Just wish I’d gotten a 62 key model, rather than the 42.

(Tyler Smith) #26

Maybe the IO expander is needed to manage the ‘other’ half of the split keyboard? Just guessing, but I’m pretty sure the Atreus doesn’t use one, just a microcontroller.

(Donald Curtis) #27

What is 32u4?

The IO expander allows you to connect the halves of the keyboard with only four wires. Mine (and as far as I know the ergodox) use a trrs cable (four wires) that communicate with the other half using i2c which is some communication protocol I don’t know much about.

You need some sort of controller on the other half to detect which keys are pressed. I think You can look up “keyboard matrix” on google and learn how that works. It’s a semi-complex logic of setting pins to ground and using pull-up resistors to detect current flow.

(Donald Curtis) #28

So I have a separate build that’s one piece which I use for travel. And only a crappy photo of that one. Same layout minus two keys to make the rotation nice.

And like the Atreus this doesn’t need the IO expander.

(Adrià Casajús) #29

Atmel atmega32u4 is the microcontroller used by most keyboards included the m01 and the teensy 2

(Florent Nicoulaud) #30

I’m doing the opposite, I brought my ergodox back from work to home and put my brand new model 01 at work :slight_smile: