Keyboards for Home v Work

Is anyone else contemplating keeping their Keyboardio for home and getting an Ergodox EZ for work?

I know some of you guys already have both on hand. Is it a workable experience switching between the two?

I’m using an Atreus as my work/travel keyboard, and have been working out layouts that work well on both. It’s a little tricky with the different physical orientation of the keys, but t it’s becoming workable.

I have a Model01 at home, and an EZ at work. It’s definitely doable to switch between the two on a daily basis, but I do need a few minutes each time to adjust. But a few minutes aren’t the end of the world. The bigger problem is that there are a bunch of things my Model01 does better, and that’s a bit frustrating on the EZ.

Porting Kaleidoscope to the ErgoDox would solve a lot of these small things, though.

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What would be needed to do that? Porting I mean. I’m looking at a similar setup so having kaleidoscope in both would be a time saver

A lot. Need to make pretty much the whole HID replaceable. Other than that, it is quite easy.

It isn’t a project I’d recommend anyone to undertake. There are a number of things in motion that will make this port easier in the not too distant future.

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What do you mean make the hid replaceable? In kaleidoscope? Just for curiosity sake.

Yes. The ErgoDox EZ uses a Teensy, which - to the best of my knowledge, and as far as I got last time I tried a port - requires a different HID library.

If I could modify the pcb and change teensy for a kaleidoscope compatible board. What board should i use?

Btw, why didn’t you start with tmk or qmk for the m01?

Something like the Arduino Leonardo, I think. But this is an area I’m nowhere near an expert in, so don’t take my word for it.

This is something @jesse can answer best, but I’ll add my understanding:

One of the goals of the Model01’s firmware was to be as newcomer friendly as possible, and Arduino shares the same goal. QMK and TMK are… not easy to tweak as someone new to these things. (I’m deliberately not counting web-based configurators, because the goal was to make it easy to get started with the code, too.)

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I’m counting on it being no worse than shifting from Mac OS at home to a Windows environment at work and mentally having to remember where all the short cut keys have moved to.

My Model 01 is at work; I’m waiting for my second Model 01 to arrive for home. Meanwhile, my battered old GoldTouch is serving at home.

I have a second m01 in order for work. For now I leave my m01 at work and bring it home when I know I’ll be doing a lot of typing. For short term use at home I use a custom built keyboard which is a mix between the Atreus and ergodox. Have setup the layout to be very similar to my m01.

M01 at home, kinesis advantage at work; but I purchased 3 M01s. Yes, 3. Home, work, redundancy.

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In other words, you are camping out on top of your letter box.

Actually, someone already inquired about subsequent shipments so I’m at ease.

I’d be very curious to see your custom design, if you don’t mind!

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This is the design I’ve been using prior to the m01 but I may work on something homemade that is more similar to the m01. More thumb keys and maybe even a palm. Remove some keys from the bottom row as they aren’t very ergonomic and even though I thought I’d hate layers I like them now.


Did you build that yourself, or is it a kit? I’m asking because I’m also planning a homemade portable. Having poked around the innards of both the M01 and the Atreus, I’m thinking I’ll probably take a ‘hand-wired Atreus’ approach, but use a modified version of the M01 layout. Still debating whether to do a split or a one-piece.