Keys posinbgt5bg

Hello. I am getting an issue where my keyboard will start posting bgt5 as fast as igt can. hen hose keys will no loner work when ypin or will randomly prinin.

no hardware aleraions. usin bgt5bgt5bgt5bgt5gt5bgt5bgt5bgt5bgt5bgt5BGT%BGT%UBGT%BGt5555555

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That’s almost certainly a wiring fault. The best thing to do is probably to send email to

Thankyou. I have emailed them the issue and will see what happens.

I haven’t opened the keyboard yet, would there be something visual on the circuitry if it was a wiring problem?

I had a pretty similar issue with the column next to that (with 4 at the top). I solved it after receiving instructions and warranted backup from help@ by just resoldering/flowing the 4 keys in that column. There was nothing obvious through visual inspection that that column should be faulty. Initially opening up the case and poking them solved it for a day or two, but the problem returned. So far it’s been good with the reflow, but make sure sanction it first - if it had failed or I’d been unable to do it they would have replaced the PCB.

And indeed, that’s a short circuit on the “5” col. For folks who know how to solder, we can generally talk them through a really simple repair (within warranty). For folks who don’t, we’ll need to either repair or replace the affected circuit board assembly.

If anyone also experiances this.

After speaking to Jesse over email, we decided to give reflowing the column a go. I took it to a phone electronics repair shop and they did it for me over 5 mins.

Its been a couple of weeks now with no issues.