Lost the LH shift key diode, where should I solder the 1N4148 replacement?

I thought I’d ask this here rather than asking @jesse directy as the answer might be useful…

So I was replacing some bouncy switches and I had the bright idea of getting my daughter to hold the SMT hot air gun over my desoldering efforts, which did help get the switches out but when I was done I had an LED and a (0603?) diode sitting on my bench… I have replaced the LED but the diode made a bid for freedom and disappeared before I could solder that back on. Fortunately it was the one for the left-hand shift key so it was (sort-of mostly) accessible.

A search of the forum suggests that I can just solder on a THT 1N4148 diode as a replacement - @jesse can you confirm this, and please indicate which points I should attach it to? Cheers!

OK, crisis (almost) over - not only did I manage to find the SOT-23 package on the carpet, but I successfully re-soldered it onto the PCB. But I do seem to have damaged the via for the pin of the right control key that isn’t connected to the test pad, but I can’t see which other key it’s connected to. If someone could tell me which key that is, that would be great. Thanks!

This is that right control key net:

And this is the shift key diode net:

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Fantastic, thanks @jesse!