M01 documentary

(JP) #1

I’d watch it, maybe put it on netflix, or kickstarter for some funds for editing work. Because you don’t have enough to do already…

history of typewriters
layouts - dvorak, colemak, workman, norman
inception of M01, interests, kick starter, USA tour, etc.
feature set, layers, programmable, etc.

(Scott Lohr) #2

I’d watch it as well as pay for it.

As a matter of fact I’d help make it if others could help in the production as well.

I’m a hobby filmmaker in the Bay Area (http://www.wineglassproductions.com) and would love to do this.

Especially since I’m a keyboard geek that’s used a Maltron and Happy Hacker previously.

Anyone up for a collaboration on this?

(written with joy on my Model01)

(JP) #3

The best line… I’d help fund too + buy powdered flavor for my ice cubes, but only if Jesse’s selling.

(Gergely Nagy) #4

For the record, Marcin Wichary is writing a book about keyboards. It will be a very, very interesting book (his twitter is also worth following if you are on there), and it covers a lot of history in written form.

A documentary, based on the book, and Keyboardio… I’d back that too.

(Just in case this meme has a similar effect it had some two years ago… crosses fingers)

(JP) #5

Coming to a theater near you in 2020.