macOS thinks I have a Model 02, Model 03, ... Model 50 already

So, this is a bit silly, and also a bit annoying: every time I’ve connected the Arduino IDE to my Model 01, it creates a new “modem” device for it. And it sees the suffix as a number to increment.

This screenshot is from after I already started deleting a bunch of them. This is annoying. Does anyone know how to just delete all of them all at once?

Cool, Model50! Does it come with a Xeon and enough memory? An SSD would also be quite nice!

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Interesting. Mine’s only up to 5, perhaps because I don’t use the IDE at all any more.

Ah, if the IDE is to blame then that gives me even more of a reason to get a CLI build to work. :slight_smile:

In the meantime I did figure out a quicker way to delete all of the errant devices - select the LAST one on the list, and then you can just keep clicking the ‘-’ button and pressing space until they’re all gone.