Model 01 not recognized on Linux

(Gaël Blanchemain) #1

Hi there,
currently trying to update the firmware of my newly acquired Model 01 on my laptop running linux mint.
The leds blink ok as I plug the keyboard.
My keyboard doesn’t seem to work as of yet, no input appears on the screen as I type.
I duly installed arduino and configured it according to the wiki pages.
BUT arduino IDE doesn’t seem to detect my keyboard (see screenshot), the Tools > Port section is greyed out.
Any help is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

(Gergely Nagy) #2

Can you run sudo dmesg -Hw, and plug your keyboard in then, and paste the new output here? It might be a cable issue, or power, dmesg should tell us more.

(Gaël Blanchemain) #3

thank you for helping that fast!
after running the command nothing happened. I then twisted the cord a bit and the model got logged…then nothing. I got this model on eBay and the cord looks damaged, so I’m assuming I’d better get another one. Thanks again!