No input on Archlinux

So I unboxed my Model01 connected the two halves using the short cable, and connect the keyboard to my Archlinux computer. Apparently, the computer discovers the keyboard:

Mon Feb 19 07:34:27 2018  - usb 3-1: new full-speed USB device number 85 using xhci_hcd
Mon Feb 19 07:34:27 2018  - usb 3-1: New USB device found, idVendor=1209, idProduct=2301
Mon Feb 19 07:34:27 2018  - usb 3-1: New USB device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumber=3
Mon Feb 19 07:34:27 2018  - usb 3-1: Product: Model 01
Mon Feb 19 07:34:27 2018  - usb 3-1: Manufacturer: Keyboardio
Mon Feb 19 07:34:27 2018  - usb 3-1: SerialNumber: Ckbio01
Mon Feb 19 07:34:27 2018  - cdc_acm 3-1:1.0: ttyACM3: USB ACM device

Also, both haves of the keyboard react to pressing the “LED” key by showing these beautiful colors.

However, nothing I type on the Model01 seems to reach the computer. No matter what I type, the characters don’t seem to register with the computer.

Any ideas what I can do?

I just received my keyboard today, and seem to be having the same problem. I am on MacOS Sierra. The “led” and “num” keys behave as expected, but no keystrokes are reaching the computer.

I’ve seen this happen when the cable isn’t fully seated…make sure the cable is fully in the keyboard (kinda clicks in a bit) or maybe try another cable if you have one available?

Would that explain @andreas-h’s problem, too?

Can’t hurt to try, I guess…I didn’t try dmesg when that happened to me, but it seems possible.

Thanks for the replies, folks. I tried reseating the cable several times, making sure each time it was fully seated, and trying it out. Still no luck. I have tried on 3 different computers (1 - MacOS Sierra, 2 - MacOS High Sierra, 3 - Windows 10). I have tested 2 different USB ports on each of the computers. I have tried both of the RJ45 cables that came with the keyboard. The only thing I haven’t tried is another USB cable, as this is my first USB Type C device, and I do not have another cable at the moment. That seems like probably the next thing to try.

@makani’s problem is -most likely- caused by a bad USB C cable. It’s worth trying it in both orientations, just to see if that’s the cause.

@andreas-h’s problem sounds like…something else. If the keyboard shows up in dmesg, the first thing I’d want to do is see if it works alright on another computer. I know there have been users with Arch who didn’t have this issue, so I don’t want to point the finger toward that interaction right away…

Thanks jesse! I tried that, still no luck. I ordered a new cable, arrives on Friday. Hopefully that will fix it. I will post back when I know.

You could also try removing the wood enclosure from the left half, to relieve any potential stresses on the port.

I just checked, and the keyboard works on another (LinuxMint) computer. But on my ArchLinux, there’s no input even though dmesg shows that the keyboard is registered.

Are you trying only in X or also at the console?

Interesting. I restarted my computer and made the following two obervations:

a) The keyboard does not work in BIOS / Grub
b) After restarting, the keyboard does work both on the console and in X.

So everything seems to be working fine now. Except for BIOS. Should I expect the keyboard to work in BIOS?

Not sure what version the factory firmware is, but the current master should work in the BIOS too.

We’re not yet quite comfortable with pushing the bios-mode support to production. So it sounds like it’s currently “as expected”

Perfect - I can live very well with “as expected” :smiley:

I apologize for polluting this thread, as it turned out my issue was very different from andreas-h. But this will be the last. My new USB cable arrived, and it fixed the issue. Thanks.

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