Migrating from qmk

Getting a board soon, I’m attempting to migrate my qmk layout, have some questions.

Here’s my file layout for qmk, is this possible in the arduino ide, can i just import files saved in the same forlder as the sketch? if so does anyone have a layout like that I can use as a boilerplate?

something like this…

main.ino (imports these below)

  • config
  • macros
  • custom - keycodes for the keymaps
  • layers - the keymap layers

Also in my macros mostly I use qmk’s send_string() does that exist? something like this…

char my_str[4] = "ok.";

Yep, you can! Put them all in an src/ folder, and you should be good to go.


But have a look at the Macros documentation, there are a bunch of examples there.

Mine is split into a bunch of files, even includes custom plugins. I wouldn’t recommend it as a boilerplate, as it is highly customised and tailored to my needs, but you might be able to borrow an idea or two nevertheless.

Not everything about it works out of the box from the Arduino IDE, but from the commandline, it’s easy to work with. I prefer the command line myself, because the Arduino IDE is… well… it’s not Emacs. :stuck_out_tongue:

Splitting the sketch into multiple files works with the Arduino IDE too, though.

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Oh, by the way: QMK has some support for the Model01 too, but it’s more limited than Kaleidoscope in some areas (mostly LED stuff, and Kaleidoscope makes much better use of EEPROM too, and has a couple of other neat things).

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