Model 01: 9ol. Key Column Continuous Input

So, I have a mostly well-behaved Model 01, and have been using it extensively of late. Other than a recalcitrant “x” key, it’s been an ideal keyboard until about 10 minutes ago. At that time, as I sat down to type, the keyboard took off on it’s own, adding characters to my spreadsheet not quite at random. All the new additions are coming from the 9, o, l and . keys, which are on the same column on the keyboard. I cycled the LEDs to show key inputs as pressed, and the entire column is lit up a nice, steady red.

A quick application of compressed air failed to clear the problem. I’ll be checking under the keys when I get home and can get to my tools. If something like this has happened to others, I would welcome suggestions on what to look for. I’d kind of like to fix this myself.

Have a great day!


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