Model 01, slightly imperfect wood topcase set - free, buyer pays S&H

Item: Model 01, slightly imperfect wood case
Price: shipping & handling
Condtion: unused, minor ding
Location: New York, NY, USA

A bit more about the item, including a few pictures:

The imperfection is a slight ding in the bottom of the right topcase. It’s tiny and it’s fillable.

This is perfect if you want a nearly free topcase to like … paint a crazy color or somesuch.

Hello ! I would be interested, but I live in France. I can afford the S&H :slight_smile:

email me!

this is getting trashed next week unless someone claims it!

Hi David,

The shipping and handling is too high for me to have it sent to Europe (NL), but I’d hate to see the painstakingly worked wood and nice key caps in your other post trashed.

If I dropped in some funds for local postage, would you be able to send it to a hackerspace or some such in your neighbourhood?

funny story - I’m moving to Amsterdam in a few weeks. I think I’m out of space in my bags but if not, I’ll stick them in there, and if so, they’ll be in the netherlands in like three months when some overflow boxes come with me

hit me up over email to stay in touch?

Sorry for not checking any sooner, I’ll mail right away!

Is this already sold?

More or less, I’ll be picking it up in a couple of weeks :slight_smile: