Model 1 not working well with firrmware version newer than 1.22

I tried upgrading my model 1 to the latest firmware using the Arduino IDE version 1.8.12.

I followed the instructions as noted here

When I updated the firmware to latest version 1.96.0 in the Boards Manager, and did the File > Examples > Keyboard > Model01-Firmware

The default non modified firmware flashes without errors, however the following keys don’t appear to send key-codes to the computer when pressed:


And various assortment of function layer keys too, namely the arrow keys.

Now if I switch into a test mode or to the LED mode that lights up keys when pressed all the keys light as expected. So kind of confused what is going on, what did I miss?

And when I reverted to firmware 1.22, my keyboard is back to normal.

and if you flash with chrysalis?

Performs identical to to the Arduino flash, after upgrading firmware in Chrysalis I am seeing the same set of keys as mentioned above not sending scancodes.

Did some more trial and error on this with the morning coffee. And discovered after plugging into another computer and seeing none of the problems noted above, I went back to the old mac and sure enough USB Overdrive got me again. This time on the Any Keyboard, Any Application setting. All I had to do was disable the Any keyboard, Any Application and that resolved the weirdness completely.

FYI if your using USB Overdrive and a Model 1 with firmware newer than 1.22 you will want this unchecked like so.

Screen Shot 2020-03-21 at 6.44.09 AM