Model 100 PCB design files

First of all, gorgeous Keyboard!

I already opened it. I didn’t change anything or probe the contacts though, just wanted to see how’s inside.

What I noticed is that there is a space inside I may fit a battery.

So, here is my crazy idea: create another PCB that fits into the keyboard, with the same holes and switch positions, but with components that allow me to connect through Bluetooth (loading ZMK), and replace it, reusing everything else (wood, plate, switches, keycaps).

For that, I would need the PCB design files (otherwise matching the position of everything would be close to impossible), but I can’t find them.

GitHub - keyboardio/pcbs: Some keyboard PCB designs only has it for spacecadet
GitHub - keyboardio/keyboardio-kicad-libraries: Footprints, Symbols, and 3D Models for KiCad only has the lib/mod of components
GitHub - keyboardio/schematics: Design schematics for Keyboardio's Keyboards does not have the pcb design

I completely understand if you can’t or don’t want to share them. This is just a crazy idea. I never done anything like that, I don’t know how much it would cost, and I would probably take a long time to finish (maybe even give up).

But I was wondering nonetheless.

Thanks :slight_smile: