Model 100 shipping overshare thread

We ourselves can’t make the claim, since it’s shipped through multiple levels of freight forwarder. (The other side of this is that typically, when a company gets discounted corporate or bulk shipping rates, delivery guarantees become advisory-only and all compensation is suspended. )

One of the parcels arrived, Keycaps:

Your item was delivered in or at the mailbox at 12:56 pm on September 24, 2022

The other parcel is still in transit, Keyboard:

Departed Shipping Partner Facility, USPS Awaiting Item
SPARKS, NV 89441 
September 23, 2022, 10:46 am
Shipping Partner: PITNEY BOWES.

This is very interesting as the two parcels were scanned on departure from NV only minutes apart. So for those that have similar experience you are not alone. This seems to be normal that packages don’t travel in parallel and at the same speed. I guess that depends on which truck each package lands.

Based on the forum posts, it seems that we have to wait approximately 6 days to receive the keyboard after receiving the tracking # from Keyboardio.

Overall, here are the median # of days elapsed from tracking # to a particular status:

  • Arrived Partner Facility: 4
  • Departed Partner Facility: 3
  • Out for Delivery: 4
  • Delivered: 6

The medians were calculated by looking at posts that said the keyboard had reached that status. It is biased towards the early successful deliveries.

Spreadsheet: OneDrive

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Someone on Kickstarter said these guys were doing delivery in Australia. I hope not!

[Still no tracking number here, BTW]

My keyboard arrived this morning. There was a noticeable dent in a corner of the box, but the keyboard was unharmed. Last night it was still at the USPS awaiting item in tracking, so it was a bit unexpected.

My keyboard and keycaps arrived together in the same delivery today. I didn’t end up needing to pay any taxes, so that was a pleasant surprise.

I have received the keyboard today:

Your item was delivered at the front door or porch at 12:58 pm on September 26, 2022

Two days after the keycaps arrived:

Your item was delivered in or at the mailbox at 12:56 pm on September 24, 2022

For context I am in Oregon.

you got the tracking number from keyboardio though right?

No tracking yet.

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Keep in mind that Keyboards a being sent to many countries, and in many cases it can take much (!) longer than that. Six days seems rather lucky :wink:

True. My spreadsheet is limited to keyboards being shipped to the United States of America.

Median time to delivery is now 7 days.

It should be arriving today :grinning:

Mmm… I’m not home yet, but this looks like a package with only the Colemak keycaps, but no keyboard. We’ll see what‘s inside the box when I get home from work.


yeah I don’t think PostNL delivers keyboards, that should be dpd/gls. (Sadly, still no news from them.)

lol … I just read Jesse’s email again. It clearly states that the package only contains de Colemak-DH keycaps :man_facepalming:t2:.

I guess I need to wait a bit longer before my Model 100 arrives.

Received my keyboard and extra caps today. The tracking on the caps was always showing as being in the country a few days ahead of the keyboard. The caps were ‘out for delivery’ since the 26th, and the keyboard since the 27th, but were delivered together.

Keyboard & keycaps arrived here in Melbourne (Australia) today. Never saw any tracking.

I got tracking numbers for both the keyboard and the key caps over two weeks ago. The key caps arrived a few days later, but when I track the keyboard, it still just says “label created, not yet in system”. I can only assume it was sucked into a black hole in transit, and will never be seen again. :pensive:

Exact same case for me. Not sure if you saw the Kickstarter update posted Wednesday afternoon. But ~800 keyboards are in a mystery state:

That leaves about 800 packages with valid tracking numbers that still haven’t been handed off to the delivery couriers. … Our logistics company is working with their shipping partners to figure out where the 800-odd packages with tracking numbers but no updates are and why they’re taking longer than they should.

In a followup comment yesterday afternoon, Jesse said

Indeed, by definition if you have a tracking number and no further info, you’re part of the unlucky 800. As of right now, we don’t believe there to be anything “wrong”. But definitely keep an eye on the tracking number.

I’d be curious if those 800 were all for the same region, such as the Eastern US since that is where I am, as is another backer I know who is in the same boat. And I also wonder how many keyboards make up a pallet? 800 maybe? So I wonder if a pallet bound for a particular area/region has gotten delayed, mis-routed or something like that. Just pure speculation.

Anyways, hopefully we’ll have them soon.

Interesting. Minnesota here :person_shrugging: