Mouse Warp Grid Size: 2x2 vs 3x3

Just wondering if anyone’s played with the 3x3 grid for the mouse warp keys, and whether people prefer the 2x2 or the 3x3.

With the 3x3 grid, you have 9 warp keys.

And if you use the 3x3, how have you arranged them on the keyboard?

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I use the 3x3 grid and I have a warper layer which reuses the default mouse key locations.

I use my fn keys are layer modifiers, I have four achievable layers, left, right, left followed by right and right followed by left. :slight_smile:

Right FN is movement layer which has a 8 way directional normal mouse setup.

If I hold ; down whilst in that layer I activate a warper layer which has the warper keys overlaying the mouse directional keys. I use the semi-colon as it is comfortable to hold whilst the right fn is depressed.

I am attaching the layers section of my sketch to the post. I think this is a neat way to have the warper functionality with the full 8 way mouse keys all in the same physical location which makes it easy to use.

nevd.ino (6.6 KB)


I used a 3x3 warp grid on a seperate layer (LockToLayer instead of SwitchToLayer) for a while and it worked quite well. But after getting myself a trackball I removed the layer since the trackball was faster to navigate. Here is a picture of the layer:

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