Multi-Artreus Question

I love my Arteus. The only thing I wish I could do is split it in half so my hands could be in a more relaxed shoulder-width position. Well I went and bought another one so I could achieve this goal. So far its great. There is just one thing I wish I could do:

Sync the layer shifting between the keyboards.

Is there a way to have Keyboard #1 shift the active layer of both keyboards?


There is no existing solution, but you can write a small tool to help you do the syncing. It would also require using slightly customised firmware, and may conflict a bit with Chrysalis.

On Keyboard #1, whenever you change a layer, the firmware would write something like # layer: N on the Serial port.

On Keyboard #2, the firmware would listen for commands on the serial port, and if it sees a layer.move N, it would move to that layer.

To bridge the two, you’d need a small tool running on your computer that proxies the # layer: N stuff from keyboard #1 to keyboard #2.